Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas....

Hey everyone! It has been forever since I last posted, I have been recovering from surgery and did not bounce back as quickly as I had anticipated! I am feeling much better now and am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things again.
Christmastime in HUGE in my family, and no mere surgery was going to keep me from getting my house ready for the holidays. Here a few pictures of my home, I have a total of 7, yes 7, fully decorated trees, along with the mantel, staircase, the bathrooms and numerous vignettes throughout the house. Regular camera pictures never due Christmas trees justice, but I hope you can get an idea...
Welcome the the Herman's for Christmas!

The master bath...don't you just love those skates?
When my girls were tiny, I started the tradition of adding a tree every year. Now that they are grown, they have continued the tradition and I couldn't be prouder! Rachel has a total of 8 trees, Tara has gotten up to 4 trees this year and Nicole, a new grad and on her own with her first place has 3! The women in this family believe that everyday is a cause for celebration, I am not so sure how my son-in-laws feel about my legacy....!!

Have a happy and blessed day!