Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers wear many hats...may all yours be Crowns!!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks at Scarlett Boutique and I want to thank EVERYONE for the awesome response you have had to my things. I cannot tell you what fun I am having creating all these fun things for you guys! I feel like a little girl opening up a new box of crayons everyday, I love it!

Below are just a few of the items I have made for some wonderful mothers, I hope they all enjoy them!

Here are a couple of items I got to make for two (almost three!) very special customers for their Mama. Claire and Owen love to sit with me while I work on my projects, well, Claire does, Owen just terrorizes the place! I thought it would be nice to put each of their handprints on the back of this canvas for a sweet memory and Claire loved every minute of that. But Owen, not so much. You would have thought I was putting his hand in scalding water or flesh eating acid, not just some ordinary red paint! So much for that idea, we got a perfect little handprint from Claire, from Owen, one fingerprint! Anyway, this is for my daughter, a Mom that wears many hats and wears them as well as any queen should. She is going to put this canvas and matching box in her office.

This is a prayer box, special request for a Mama that LOVES pink!

This prayer box is for a special Step-mother, love the quote she requested! This box is for my Mom, I think it is one of my best yet. Hope she loves it!

Happy Mothers Day everyone!


CAMoore said...

those boxes are beautiful!!!!!!!!! I should get one for my mom!! (not for mothers day) I will need to add that to my SB shopping list! :) I will get back with you on colors/ theme!

Ashley said...

Kim, I can't wait to give my mom her special box that you designed for her that matches her room perfectly! I have already filled it with some sweet prayers and Im ready to give it to her tomorrow! Thanks for doing that, you have been so special to me. All of your notes mean SO much to me about Avery, you girls are so good to me. Happy Mothers Day, love you! ;)

Tara Gibson said...

gorgeous! i love it all mom!

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

Rachel will treasure the kiddos handprints...I love it!

Emily! said...

All three girls who received the prayer boxes absolutely LOVED them! I showed them off at work too, so hopefully I can help spread the word and cuteness to others who are interested! Thank you again for making them for me, it was such a nice gift.

Blue Night Designs said...

Hey there, it's Kristin! :)
You said you can make the little prayer box but baby theme right? My cuz is going to have a baby soon, thats a really cute idea for her new little one! She'll be having the baby in no time, I was thinking I could let you know the details (name, weight, dob, etc) to put would that be doable? It's a girl so I bet you'd have some fun with it! :)
I just started a blog for my jewelry, I hope you check it out! :) Tara is going to help give me profile inspiration.