Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Prayer Request Boxes

Welcome and thank you for checking out my new Boutique!

Inspiration for these glamorous boxes? My weekly Ladies Bible Study Group! We have been studying the book of Esther and it is all about Kings, Queens, jewels and crowns. Each week we exchange prayer requests on small pieces of paper and I found myself sticking them everywhere from my Bible to my purse, even my pockets. Solution - Fabulous 4X5X1 boxes that are custom to your taste! There is an inspirational quote inside that can also be customized. These would also make great jewelry boxes or any office storage, even Baby and Wedding Remembrance, i.e. First Lock of Hair, etc.

I made each and every special soul in my group a box to commemorate our time together studying Esther and sharing what it's like being a strong, Christian woman! Thank you for sharing the journey!

Price - $15.00 per box, remember if you don't see what you are specifically looking for or want to change the color, inside quote or verse, down to the last detail - please let me know! I can make anything to your taste!!


Brooke Bertalan said...

It's about time you did this. These boxes are beautiful! I will spread the word.

Amanda said...

Kim, These are gorgeous! Bravo!

Ashley said...

Im totally in for WHATEVER YOU DO! You taught me everything I know about my home!! ;)

Ashley said...

I want to make an order!! Do I just work through your blog?

Laurel said...

What wonderful creations ! Have you ever tired any hair pieces?

Cody Smith said...

Love the prayer boxes! I would like to order one for my mother for Mother's Day!

How do I order?