Monday, April 13, 2009

Special Order For Mrs. Jimmy Choo!

My daughter Tara, as many of you may know, is crazy about her Sadie Jane. She wanted a personalized leash holder to hang on the wall (notice the monogram, yes its for Sadie Jane Gibson). I customized a framed quote that sums it up perfectly-"My Dog Lets me Live Here". I also personalized a box for Tara and her newlywed husband to put their bills in, "What part of the Fairy Tale says you have to pay bills?"

All items were decorated in black, white and yellow to match Tara's Kitchen.

The hook would also be great for keys, towels, robes, umbrellas, etc

All these items can be customized in any color, embellishments, quotes, you name it!

Personalized Framed Quote- $25.00

Personalized Hook- $15.00

Personalized Large Box- $25.00


Ashley said...

I love it all, love it! And I just thought of an idea of something you might be able to make me, but tell me if you think it's weird... I am needing a cute thing to hold avery's clip hairbows on. I was thinking something really cute up top (a crown of some sorts) and then just a piece of ribbon that hangs down that I can clip all of them on. It would hang from the wall. What are your thoughts? Do you think you could help me come up with something along my color theme to hang in her room? Let me know if you need a pic of what the item is... I am sure Claire has one somewhere! ;) Just let me know, no hurry!

Shopaholic Blonde said...

Hi! I just adore your designs! They are fabulous! I would love to order a hook for my daughter to hang her book bag on and a box but I am trying to figure out what I want it to say. I will email you and let you know.
Thanks and I wish you best of luck for your new boutique!

CAMoore said...

You sure do have an eye for this stuff! I love everything you have created!!!!

I have been following Tara's and Rachels blogs' (love them by the did a great job with raising your girls!)

I need your help on do any of that???